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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay # 26 incest/urinationJay had finally had all he could take of the road and had taken a job in the
administration part of the company,there was plenty of cock to be had right
here in the city.
What was a switch for him was his taking up with a lesbian and becoming
close friends,she knew he was gay so that was not a problem and they became
close friends.What did shock him was the day she asked if he would help her have a
baby,she wanted one of her own to love and raise,but never wanted to get
married or do it aritfically.
After thinking it over Jay decieded,hell why not, if it made her happy,so
they slept together one night they fucked four times,Jay shooting a pretty
good load each time load each time.a month later she told him she was
pregnant.Nine months later she gave birth to twin boys.Although she had wanted a girl
she was thrilled at having the boys,both cute babies,what with inheriting
Jays good looks as well as her own.
Then she dropped another shocker on him,but one that filled him with
delite,she said she would not be able to afford both babies and would he
like to take one to raise for his own.
Well,he was surprised to say the least,but agreed to the idea.A year later,Lisa moved back south,taking Jan with her but promised to keep
in touch,you could tell it broke her heart to go off leaving Jamie behind
but knew Jay would take good care of him.
Things went well the next few years and he kept in touch with Lisa,writing
letters and sending pictures often,the boys were identical in every
way,maybe evn more beautiful than Jay at that age,if that was possible.Jamie had slept with Jay from the time he the best teen loli
was a baby,he was eight years old
now and mocked his dads every move.
Jay would get out old pictures of him and his folks,looking in awe at the
likeness of his son and him when he was a kid that age.
His folks were gone by now and he was sad that they had never had the chance
to be with the boys.At night,when they would go to bed,Jay would tell Jamie stories that his dad
had told him years ago while Jamie lay on Jays chest both little teens nude lolicon of them naked,they
had always slept that way except on nights that were unusaually cold.
Jay liked feeling the boys soft,warm skin against his,his little dick
pressing against his belly,he would find himself kneading the boys well
rounded buttocks,remembering how his dad used to love squeezing his.The difference between him and his dad was the fact that the first time he
fucked Jay,he was intoxocated,Jay never drink but could feel the stirings in
his groin that Jamie could bring about.
He faught it when the boy was younger,knowing full well he was going to fuck
him in time,it was instilled him,all his past family had enjoyed sex with
there kids and he could see he was not going to be an exception,the need was
to strong for him to fight.After all that was just Greek exercises,was what
hid dad always told him jokingly.His dad had fucked him the first time at the age of ten,Jay knew full well
he would never last that long,the boy was so damm sexy he had Jay
masturbating constantly.
Jamie knew a lot about men having sex with other men,he knew his dad did
this a lot,had even little teens nude lolicon
watched a few times as men who had came home with his
dad,had fucked Jay and had seen his dad sucking there cocks.He was very
comfortable with nudity,even going around the house naked a lot in the
summer months.Then the night came when it began,Jamie lay on his chest as he told him a
story,Jay squeezing his rounded globes as usual,but this time doing a little
more,he would tease the boys little puckered hole as he moved his finger up
and down his crack.
Jamie never said a thing,but did open his little thighs wider,making room
for his dads finger.Jay had placed a tube of KY in the night stand,but tonight had lain it on
top of the table.He reach for it as he went right on with the story and
lubbed his finger.
The stories he had been telling lately was about a man and boy,how the man
loved the boy very much and would play with the boys ass and penis and how
much they both loved it."You mean like you and me daddy?"he asked.
"Yes Jamie,like you and me."Jay said,as he rubbed Ky up and down the crack
of the boys ass,working a little at a time into the edge of his tight little
"You can put you finger in me if you want daddy,I don't mind,I'll bet I like
it to."He said.
Jay had just the tip inside the boys ass,only past his finger nail,and Jamie
never seemed to mind.He done this for several minutes before moving uo to the first knuckle.
"You ok with it Jamie?"Jay asked.
"Yes daddy,it doesn't hurt any."the boy said.
Jay worked the finger in and out only as far as the knuckle for about ten
minutes before moving the finger in all the way.
Jamie grunted once and he stopped.
"It's ok daddy,i'm 6839 great lolita bbs not hurt."He said.Jay finger fucked him for quite awhile before removing his finger an sucking
it clean before rolling Jamie on his back and began to massage the boys
little dick with his mouth and tounge.
"That feel good Jamie?"
Yes daddy,I like it,do it some more please?"So Jay continued to give the boy
his first blow job.He knew at that age he could not cum cream,but from his
own eperence knew that he could have a silent orgasm and enjoy the
feeling,even if he didn't quite know what it was.Jay told him faterwards what caused the feeling and why he liked doing it
for him.
"Can I do it to you daddy?,Please!"He begged.
"Sure son,I'd like that," Jay said,watching as the boy held his cock and
kissed the head of it,He tasted Jays precum and licked it from the head of
his cock before taking the head in his warm little mouth.He was quite good at it even though the head was as much as he could get
inside right now.
Jay let him enjoy himself for awhile then said,"Thats enough for tonight
Jamie,I want you to do something for me before we go to sleep."
What daddy,I'll do anything for you,you know that."
"Good son,set up here on my chest."
Jamie did as he asked,then Jay told him put his little dick in his mouth and
It took him awhile but he finally began filling Jay's mouth with his
warm,young pee,watching as his dad drink it down.That was the boy's first lesson,Jay was delited how well the boy took to
it,he could sense that he was going to little underage nude lolitas enjoy free hairy lola pics it every bit as much as he had
when he was a kid.
Before falling off to sleep he wondered how Jan was coming along and if he
had any tendencies such as his brother Jamie,he would have to talk to Lisa
this week end and feel her out about the boy....
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